Who we are? History

Editorial Automotores Informa, S.A. de C.V. is an organization of communication dedicated to obtain information and data from all the sectors tie to the industry and the automotive commerce with influence in the market place, process it and spread it between the 5 principal levels of companies take of decisions closely related with the activity.


AUTO MOTORES Informa actually is one of the specialised magazines in the profile of the industry with more influence in the sector.

It was conceived it at the beginnings of 1995.

The first in direct relation with the automotive sector since 1982 and the second in activity with this branch since 1976. It’s editorial profile, reason to be and logo, are conceived based on the essential purpose of the magazine, to be a forum for all the industry and commercial activity interrelated with the automotive sector, on the understood that the assembler plants of automobiles, light trucks, SUV’S, trucks, heavy duty trucks and busses, of autoparts, tire manufacturers, lubricants manufacturers, dealers/concessionaries, equipment suppliers, machinery, tools and multiple services, carriers, wholesalers dealers, department and specialized stores, importers and exporters, re-builders, rectifiers and mechanics, same as users in general. Also looks for shaping on its readers, the fact of who produces the magazine consider all the activities in the industry and automotive commerce, as a whole, where the principal involved activities are directly those mentioned previously, interconnected between themselves. The sector must not be divided neither segmented, once that the activities have a direct and indirect action between themselves.

Founders: María Luisa Fuentes Chichitz and Miguel Ángel Silva Méndez.

Licit certify of title given by the commission of publication and illustrated magazines, dependent on the Secretaría de Gobernación.

Certifies of copy rights to the exclusive use of the title and graphic characteristics and licit of effective -content .

The magazine AUTO MOTORES Informa edited its edition number 1 on may 1995 operating for fiscal effects under the scheme of physic person, the 25 of June 1998 it constitutes as a moral person.