Toyota Motor Corporation to absorb Toyota Marketing Japan Corporation REVISTA AUTO MOTORES INFORMA

Toyota Motor Corporation to absorb Toyota Marketing Japan Corporation

27 nov. 2017 / Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has decided to absorb its wholly owned subsidiary, Toyota Marketing Japan Corporation (TMJ), as of April 1, 2018. In doing so, TMC intends to conceive and implement a dynamic and comprehensive approach to marketing for Japan that extends from product planning to dealer initiatives.

TMC established TMJ as a specialist and independent marketing company in October 2009 to help refine its expertise and agility in this field. TMJ adapted the model-centric advertising campaigns of the past and successfully forged a new marketing strategy that resonates closer to the customer and is more in tune with changes in current trends. Examples include the TOYOTOWN series of commercials, which showcased the broad appeal of Toyota to our customers, and the AQUA SOCIAL FES!! events, which highlighted the growing social awareness of young people.

However, as swift decision-making and action is key to responding to the ongoing and drastic changes in the business environment of both companies, TMC has decided to reconfigure its independent marketing function into a comprehensive planning and support function encompassing both the product planning and dealer business. Absorbing the Japanese marketing and product planning functions of TMJ will help TMC to formulate and carry out an integrated marketing strategy incorporating product planning, promotions, and dealer initiatives. This step should also help to support TMC’s initiatives for the connected society of the near future, as well as speed up structural innovations for implementing mobility services.

The transfer of functions and personnel is slated for January 1, 2018, while TMC intends to formally absorb TMJ on April 1 of the same year.

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