Section’s magazine

Analysis.- section that provides numeric elements, statistics, numbers, data and percentage, that contributes to the company to have information to elaborate analysis and business presentations.

Terminals.- section that integrates all the information that comes out of the assembler plants and automobile, trucks, vans and SUV’s marketers on a level of production, exportation, domestic sales, and everything related to the operation of this one, provider, logistic, labor aspects, etc.

Dealers.Section that catches and spreading all the aspects linked with the operation of the vehicle dealers, automotives such as heavy equipment, laws, regulations, conventions, working meetings, dealers inaugurations, and everything related to the activity.

Autoparts. Section that catches and spread all the aspects linked to the operation of companies manufacturers, auto parts marketers, either national or from the exterior with commerce relation in the country, overall on the productive and commercial aspects, distribution politics and sales, events, presentations, etc.

Trucks and buses. Section that catches and spreads all the aspects linked with the terminal industry of heavy equipment and the factors that influence on its behavior such as carrier costumers, man- truck, flotillas, associations, government sector politics, etc.

Wholesalers.- Section that catches and spreads all the aspects linked with the purchasing –sales , national and importation of systems, parts and components for the spare part market, from the perspective of the operation and competence of each company, overall the wholesalers and big demonstrators, same as with the department store chains.

Tire manufacturers.- Section that catches and spares all the aspects linked with the tires manufacture, importation and commercialization, and cameras for the automotive industry such as heavy equipment.

Lubricants.- Section that catches and spreads all the aspects linked with the manufacture, importation and commercialization of chemical products, basics and recycling of products such as grease, oils, lubricants, antifreezes and other automotive chemicals.

Services.- section that catches and spreads all the aspects linked with the preventive maintenance and corrective of vehicles and collateral aspects such as insurance, vehicular support, rectifier’s associations, mechanics, courses and activities of training schools, whether automotive or heavy equipment.