To work systematically and very indefatigably on the search to be the best company of communication specialized in the industry and auto motive commerce, that contributes to provide information, analysis and statistics, for the best take of decisions at the executive level of the national auto motor activity, creating values for our readers, union leaders, costumers, community and shareholders.

  • We create values on favor of our readers when we look and find useful information that we transmit truthful and on time to help you enrich the way you take your enterprise decisions.
  • We create values for the union leaders when we contribute to spread their analysis, sector activities and events to strength the concept of union and share group benefits.
  • We create values for our customers when we look to offer them to given them a worthy and harmonic to work and contribute to their professional and personal development.
  • We create value with our community when we go properly trough our social responsibilities, looking to be pro actives corporative citizens, making adequate, responsible, adequate and also congruent critics.

Our principal vocation is to create informative value to our groups and company sectors whom AUTO MOTORES Informa is directed to.



The positive future is reached on the way the enterprise accomplish with the goal that has been set. From this premise the members of EDITORIAL AUTO MOTORES INFORMA, S.A. DE C.V. must be convinced to collaborate with the companies for it always to be in the best conditions of quality on the informative and publicity services the market offers, in a professional way, journalistically ethic and responsible furthermore in a profitable way.

And this parting from a culture of total quality to show itself as a leader on the field.


Values and strength

Supported on its human resource, AUTO MOTORES Informa, looks for giving quality not only in his publication, magazines and informative electronic system, AUTO MOTORES NEWS, but also in each of the steps of its elaboration, from the informative compile, selection of specific sources and working tools to the way we get our publications reach each one of our readers.

The values and strength of AUTO MOTORES are simple forms for its easy following and accomplishments.

  • Permanent attitude of service, be on the disposition to collaborate internally and externally with all the people and entities that require information, orientation and advice on the automotive sector.
  • Commitment, That the personal of AUTO MOTORES always be willing to make an extra effort, mainly on attitude, looking for provide value ideas not only for themselves but also for the company and community.
  • Confidence, To be congruent on everything it is said and done.
  • Discipline, accomplish adequately with our responsibilities, based on norms, established procedures and a feeling of collaboration and personal development.
  • Team work, that the personal contribute to summarize efforts and talent to the other in the organization and with those this interacts.



We always have present the responsibility of making an effort to be the best on everything we do and with this be key participant on the determination of the performance parameters, quality and service in our business environment.