Why to make publicity through A.M.I.?

Because is a publication that through its 10 years has conformed a data base, permanently actualized, where the principal sector groups identify where to send     publicity messages.

  • Spare parts.
  • Car and truck dealers.
  • Carriers.
  • Fleet owners.

The national logistic distribution oh AUTO MOTORES Informa is based on the deliver of monthly issues to executives of companies manufacturers and importers of automobiles, trucks, vans, SUV’s, medium and  heavy duty trucks, urban an integral busses.

  • Commercialize companies of engines and its web of distribution.
  • Companies manufacturers of systems, parts and components for original equipments, spare part market and exportation.
  • Assemblers and constructors of bodies, tows, platforms and semi tows.
  • Manufacturers, importers and lubricants, additives and painting commercial stores.
  • Companies manufacturers of tires and rubber products.
  • Manufacturers and marketers of accessories and equipment.
  • Associations, organisms and government dependences.
  • Factories and equipment and tool representatives.

Editorial profile

Is based on the everyday send of the more relevant summary spread around the automotive sector.